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Current issue

08 MAY 2024
In memory of pioneering dome designer, Larry Byrne; a look back at a multi-family dome home in Arizona; and a unique curved theater.
  • Remembering Larry Byrne, 1942-2024
  • James Laurence ‘Larry’ Byrne
  • Musical Fundraisers and Energy Savings: Mark Henrikson Reviews 23 Years at Yumadome
  • Yumadome: A Massive Desert Dream Home
  • Building Yumadome: Notes from Mark Henrikson
  • All in the Family: Expansive Yumadome Makes Room for Everyone
  • Swedish ‘Wisdome’
  • Dome Living Book
  • Is there a dome in your area?
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Past issues

02 APRIL 2024
Visit the Orange County College Planetarium; cladding a Monolithic Dome with metal; still time to sign up for Spring 2024 workshop; and a ‘House of Miracles’.
12 MARCH 2024
Early bird discount for Spring 2024 Workshop ends next Tuesday; the many stories of Vista Dhome—the house on the hill in California that survived a wildfire and is now for sale.
06 FEBRUARY 2024
Dome Builders Workshop early bird discount; the art of perfect stucco; and the profitable fertilizer storage.
05 DECEMBER 2023
Visit the Catskills Shell House; a Texas Monolithic Dome home for sale; and a Workshop alum awarded grant…
07 NOVEMBER 2023
Tasi Dome home in Guam; Fall Workshop stories; new dome home inflated; cladding another dome home; and recovering from the wildfires in Maui.
10 OCTOBER 2023
Salt roads in Michigan; cover a dome with metal; inflate a new home; visit a house made of pottery; and we say goodbye to a friend...
Monolithic Dome tours in Italy, Texas; Providence, Utah; and Costa Mesa, California.
Lightning strikes dome home; sign up for designer meeting; cistern & amazing shell; Florida dome for sale
10 AUGUST 2023
Florida dome survives two hurricanes; save $500 on workshop; recoating a dome home; upcoming tours; and watching The Sphere light up Vegas.
27 JULY 2023
See humpback whales in domed 3D theater; dome tour coming in October; and visit a rotating house.
06 JUNE 2023
Over one hundred dome home plans; experimental dome house on tour; and curved inspiration in NYC.
15 MAY 2023
Aquatic & Fitness center opens in Pecos; workshop recap; remembering the curved beauty of the TWA Terminal.
17 MARCH 2023
Spring Workshop discount ends Tuesday; sweeping thin-shell museum in Japan; and a new dome home takes shape.
22 FEBRUARY 2023
Spring Dome Workshop discount ends soon; stone covered mansion; futuristic opera house; extended augments
31 JANUARY 2023
Pensacola beach dome home for sale, the first Monolithic Dome gym in Nebraska opens, an artist creates a living mural, and more.
11 OCTOBER 2022
The dome tour is this Saturday. Sign up now for one-on-one time with dome designers. Learn more about domes in the Philippines. Gallery of challenges in pool construction. And a twin dome for sale in Missouri.
Tour the Monolithic Dome Research Park in Texas plus a dome home in Utah. A dome home that was for sale. There's still space for the Fall 2022 Workshop. And a construction photo gallery for a Georgia house.
01 AUGUST 2022
Only a week left for Workshop discount, tour Arcadia Dome Home, why we don't prepare for doomsday, visit the new website.
01 JULY 2022
Sunflower yellow and sky blue; dome home for sale; Rocketship charter school; first dome home.
01 FEBRUARY 2022
Monolithic Dome homes for sale in Hawaiian valley, Florida beach, and Alabama forest hills. New horizontal ellipsoid calculator. New and old dome gymnasiums.
01 AUGUST 2021
Early bird discount ends soon for dome builder workshop. Visit the Pantheon in Rome. Swim inside this dome home. And the many firsts of a Houston church.
01 JUNE 2021
Monolithic Dome Builders Workshops are back this fall. Tour a mountain lodge. Try our new storage dome sizer. Revisit a sports center.
01 APRIL 2021
Red rock dome home gallery, two new calculators, and the big winter storm
01 FEBRUARY 2021
Tour underground dome home, workshop canceled, ice hotel, dome inflated