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Current issue

May 2023

Aquatic & Fitness center opens in Pecos; workshop recap; remembering the curved beauty of the TWA Terminal.

  • Students Learn and Work Hard at Spring 2023 Workshop
  • Fall 2023 Workshop
  • State of the Art Health Facility Comes to Pecos
  • Reeves County Recreation Center
  • Adoption of Air-Supported Forms for Thin-Shell Concrete Structures: Understanding Uses, Benefits, and Barriers to Scale
  • Dome Living Book
  • The Remarkable Legacy of the JFK TWA Terminal
  • Reporter Wanted
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Past issues

March 2023

Spring Workshop discount ends Tuesday; sweeping thin-shell museum in Japan; and a new dome home takes shape.

February 2023 Vol. II

Spring Dome Workshop discount ends soon; stone covered mansion; futuristic opera house; extended augments

February 2023

Pensacola beach dome home for sale, the first Monolithic Dome gym in Nebraska opens, an artist creates a living mural, and more.

October 2022

The dome tour is Saturday, plus a pool construction gallery.

September 2022

The Monolithic Dome Tour returns, a dome was for sale, and a construction gallery

August 2022

Workshop discount; Tour Arcadia Dome Home; New website; No doomsday prep

July 2022

Dome home; Fall Workshop; Rocketship school; Sunflowers

February 2022

Three Monolithic Dome homes for sale; new horizontal calculator; two gymnasiums

August 2021

Workshop discount ends soon; swim inside this house; landmark domes

June 2021

Workshops are back! Tour dome lodge. Try our storage dome sizer

April 2021

Red rock dome home gallery, two new calculators, and the big winter storm

February 2021

Tour underground dome home, workshop canceled, ice hotel, dome inflated