Over one hundred dome home plans; experimental dome house on tour; and curved inspiration in NYC.
06 JUNE 2023

Wanna See Some Dome Home Floor Plans?
Experimental Dome Home on Tour in Provo

A demonstration Monolithic Dome home is open for tours from June 8th to the 24th in Provo, Utah, as part of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. “This unique home features three interconnected [Monolithic Dome] structures,” states the Triple Dome Home tour page on the parade website, “which provides unparalleled durability and energy efficiency.”

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Monolithic Dome Home Floor Plans

As inspiration for your own Monolithic Dome dream home, we’ve assembled a selection of floor plan ideas ranging from small cozy-cottages to spectacular castle-like domains and everything in between.

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Five or More Bedroom Monolithic Dome Floor Plans

From modest to enormous, these five-bedroom floor plans start at just over 2,000 square feet and climax at over 11,000 square feet. If you have a big family, a multi-generational living arrangement, or need a big house with many different rooms to accommodate all your different hobbies, the drawings here will help get you started.

Five+ Bedroom Plans…
Four-Bedroom Monolithic Dome Floor Plans

If you are considering building a four-bedroom Monolithic Dome home, you may find the perfect floor plan in this group of almost 40 drawings. Starting at just over 1,300 square feet and going up to over 7,000 square feet, you’re bound to find something that speaks to you.

Four Bedroom Plans…
Three-Bedroom Monolithic Dome Floor Plans

Almost 70 designs for three-bedroom Monolithic Dome Homes are found here. These floor plans include sketches for small and efficient homes to luxury three-bedroom residences over 3,000 square feet.

Three Bedroom Plans…
Two-Bedroom Monolithic Dome Floor Plans

A selection of two-bedroom Monolithic Dome home plans from our archive of design ideas. Browse through this group and you’ll find floor plans for single and multi-story homes. A wide range of house sizes are found here—from 531 to over 3,500 square feet.

Two Bedroom Plans…
One-Bedroom Monolithic Dome Floor Plans

This curated selection of one-bedroom floor plans ranges from just over 300 square feet to almost 2,800 square feet. Plans go from efficiency suites and modest retirement cabins to dream homes and four-plex apartments.

One Bedroom Plans…
Monolithic Dome Studio Floor Plans

Three designs for a Monolithic Dome efficiency apartment rental, tiny house, lakeside getaway, or mother-in-law cabin.

Efficiency Plans…
Dome Living Book

Dome Living is a comprehensive planning guide. It includes invaluable know-how for anyone planning a Monolithic Dome home—no matter what style, size, or location. Ordering your very own copy of Dome Living is easy and fast! In just minutes, you can download this practical, informative ebook to your iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone, Kindle Fire, any computer, or any device capable of displaying a PDF.

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Curved Inspiration Inside NYC Science Center

A new science center recently opened at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Inside is an astonishing five-story atrium with sweeping curves and beautiful walkways that “transports visitors to the river-carved canyons in the desert Southwest, or perhaps underwater to a tropical coral reef.” Although not a thin-shell structure, it is an inspiring work of curved architecture.

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Is there a dome in your area?

We are always looking for news about domes and curved architecture. Is there a dome in your area? Is one being built nearby? Are you building a dome and want to announce an open house, Airform inflation, or just want to brag about your building? Please, let us know. Just reply to this email and tell us all about it.

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