Salt roads in Michigan; cover a dome with metal; inflate a new home; visit a house made of pottery; and we say goodbye to a friend…
10 OCTOBER 2023

Tatooine House Lands in Maryland
Chris and Shehla Hyser Plan Four Steps Ahead with Three-Dome Home

In Maryland, a triple dome home rises, named The Tatooine of Catoctin Mountains. The family loves their location, situated about two miles from the Appalachian Trail. “When I was a Boy Scout, I hiked from Susquehanna to the Potomac over ten weekends,” owner Chris Hyser said. The Hysers reported that high winds sweep across the mountains and can be a problem in their area, so they had safety and permanence in mind when they decided to build a Monolithic Dome as their forever home.

Dome Home Tour…
Obituary: Arnold Wilson, 1933–2023

We are sad to report the passing of Arnold Wilson—husband, father, professor, engineer, and Monolithic Dome pioneer. He married his high school sweetheart, Joyce, and together they raised ten children. For forty years, he taught engineering at Brigham Young University (BYU). He was instrumental in the engineering of hundreds of Monolithic Domes.

We Say Goodbye…
Salt Storage Dome Satisfies Madison Heights

The city of Madison Heights, Michigan, demolished its old uninsulated salt storage dome and replaced it with a Monolithic Dome. The reasons were simple: the Monolithic Dome was less money to construct than anticipated, has superior longevity and requires less overall maintenance. A report published by Marquette University said, “While a concrete dome also requires maintenance to protect it from the effects of salt and the elements, the interval is much less frequent, and the effects of the maintenance are much longer-lasting toward protecting the integrity of the structure.”

A Salty Story…
Installing Metal Cladding on an Orion-Style Home

Video Post! —Gary Clark’s Orion-style Monolithic Dome home in Italy, Texas, required a facelift. The Airform that protects the polyurethane foam had deteriorated past the point where a standard coating could suffice. We installed metal cladding to Gary’s house and created this video and blog post to share how we did it.

Cladding a Dome…
The Dome Tour is this Saturday!

The Monolithic Dome Research Park is opening to the public for tours on October 14, 2023—this Saturday—plus, there is a dome home in Utah showing the same day as well. Both tours are free and open to the public.

Tour Information…
Pensacola, Florida Monolithic Dome Home Airform Inflation

Video Post! Watch the inflation of a new Monolithic Dome home going up in Pensacola, Florida. This blog post has video and images covering the job site before we turn the fans on, the inflation of the Airform and inside the Airform after it’s up. You’ll also find details about our inflator fans, manometers, airlocks and the Paxis rotating scaffold system.

Inflating a New Home…
A House of Pottery

Tour this literal house of pottery, a 5400 square foot, two store home made entirely of clay. Travel is Life toured this amazing home in Villa de Leyva, Colombia. You can actually climb all over the house and the inside is a work of pottery art.

Photo Gallery…
Dome Living Book

Dome Living is a comprehensive planning guide. It includes invaluable know-how for anyone planning a Monolithic Dome home—no matter what style, size, or location. Ordering your very own copy of Dome Living is easy and fast! In just minutes, you can download this practical, informative ebook to your iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone, Kindle Fire, any computer, or any device capable of displaying a PDF.

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Is there a dome in your area?

We are always looking for news about domes and curved architecture. Is there a dome in your area? Is one being built nearby? Are you building a dome and want to announce an open house, Airform inflation, or just want to brag about your building? Please, let us know. Just reply to this email and tell us all about it.

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