Visit the Catskills Shell House; a Texas Monolithic Dome home for sale; and a Workshop alum awarded grant…
05 DECEMBER 2023

Solar Eclipse Shines over Dome Tour
Innovation Shines in Shell House

Monolithic Dome homes are built to last; sometimes, they outlast their creators. The Shell House, designed in the Catskills by architect Seymour Rutkin, began 25 years ago as a light-filled sanctuary and as his dream come true. Since then, it’s become a place of incubation and inspiration for dozens of other dreamers. The Shell House still resonates with sparkling life.

Story of the Shell House…
Shell House—A Mid-Century Modern Monolithic Dome Home

Shell House is a stunning 2400-square-foot (225 m²) Monolithic Dome home situated on five acres in the Catskills Mountains. Constructed in 1996, the oblate ellipsoid half dome has a south wall of windows and opaque panels of insulated porcelain on aluminum. New owners Lydia White and Ian Fleming sponsored an award-winning redesign by DAAM in 2018, adding a mahogany entry closet and a round-edged kitchen that respects the dome’s unique shape and open interior.

Shell House Project Page…
Double Feature—2023 Monolithic Dome Tour Plus Annular Eclipse

At about noon on October 14, 2023, an eclipse slid through the sky, and visitors stared upward, wearing special eyewear provided by Gary Clark of Monolithic. They came from all parts of Texas and from Southern states like Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Alabama. They spilled in from as far northwest as Washington state and from the Midwestern states of Oklahoma and Kansas. They arrived from the Buckeye State, Ohio; the home of the Hoosiers, Indiana; and the Rockies of Colorado. But they hadn’t come to see the eclipse, they came to tour the headquarters of the Monolithic Dome Institute.

Double Feature at Dome Tour…
A Solar Endorsement of the 2023 Annual Monolithic Dome Tour

The 2023 Annular Eclipse hit its peak at about noon on the day of the tour. Someone pointed out that the sunlight filtering through the leaves of all the trees had suddenly transformed into tiny Monolithic logos!

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Spring 2024 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop

Learn to build a Monolithic Dome at the Spring 2024 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop. This one-of-a-kind experience combines classroom instruction with hands-on training in constructing a real Monolithic Dome. Space is limited so sign up now to reserve your spot.

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Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop Graduate Awarded Grant and Mentorship From Heartland Forward

Joshua P. Richardson, realtor and a graduate of the Fall 2023 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop, has received a $25,000 grant and mentorship from Heartland Forward to support his plans to start his own dome company. Only 12 of 1000 applicants were accepted to the program, which includes mentorship.

Workshop Alum Awarded Grant…
A Country Living Gem of a Dome Home for Sale

The Claddagh Dome, named for friendship, love, and loyalty, is a Monolithic Dome home for sale located near the DFW Metroplex. The energy-efficient house features 2,274 square feet of space, with an upper level of 1018 square feet and a lower level of 1256 square feet. The south-facing dome rests on two-thirds of an acre of gentle land in Azle, Texas. This suburban town of 13,712, only 14 miles northwest of Fort Worth, calls itself “the Gateway to Eagle Mountain Lake.” The reservoir includes swimming beaches, three public boat ramps, camping, fishing, and water sports.

Photo Tour of Dome for Sale…
The Claddagh Dome—A Really Big Do-It-Yourself Project

After two years of getting-in-there-and-getting-your-hands-dirty work, in August 2008, Christine and Jim Spurgeon moved into their new dome home that they named Claddagh Dome. Located in Azle, Texas, a small town 14 miles northwest of Fort Worth, Claddagh Dome’s two stories and 2200 square feet include four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, kitchen, living room, playroom, loft and music room.

Claddagh Dome Story…
Claddagh Dome—A Monolithic Dome Home

The Claddagh Dome is a Monolithic Dome home built by the original owners, Jim and Chrsitine Spurgeon of Azle, Texas. Completed 25 years ago, the dome roof has since been renovated with a uniquely attractive pattern of metal cladding.The dome and attached converted shipping containers enclose about 3200 square feet (295 m²) of living space. Many custom elements are found in the home which was a labor of love for the two do-it-yourself enthusiasts who constructed it.

Claddagh Dome Home…
Dome Living Book

Dome Living is a comprehensive planning guide. It includes invaluable know-how for anyone planning a Monolithic Dome home—no matter what style, size, or location. Ordering your very own copy of Dome Living is easy and fast! In just minutes, you can download this practical, informative ebook to your iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone, Kindle Fire, any computer, or any device capable of displaying a PDF.

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Is there a dome in your area?

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