Early bird discount ends soon for dome builder workshop. Visit the Pantheon in Rome. Swim inside this dome home. And the many firsts of a Houston church.
Monolithic Dome Roundup
August 2021
The dome builder workshops are back!

It’s back! After a year and a half hiatus, the Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop resumes again in September 2021. Coronavirus restrictions are lifting. Travel is returning. We can finally gather to teach, discuss, and build another Monolithic Dome.

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The Pantheon — A temple to all gods

Michelangelo (1475–1564) looked at everything with an artist’s critical eye, and he was not easily impressed. But when Michelangelo first saw the Pantheon in the early 1500s, he proclaimed it of “angelic and not human design.” The Pantheon’s concrete dome inspired landmarks worldwide and is the spiritual ancestor to the modern Monolithic Dome.

Tour the dome that started it all …
The oldest monolithic dome

The Pantheon is arguably the first monolithic dome. Not in the sense of the modern, insulated structure, but as the original one-piece, monolithic, concrete dome — the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. No other significant structure of antiquity has survived as well preserved nor with the roof intact.

Throwback: The Pantheon …
Pantheon, Rome, 126 A.D.

The Pantheon — Greek for “a temple to all gods" — is a former Roman temple constructed in Rome, Italy, from 113 to 126 A.D. At almost 2,000 years old, it is the oldest, continuously used structure in history. The key to its longevity is a concrete hemispherical dome roof. At 142 feet (43 m) diameter, it was and is the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world.

Pantheon project page …
Kerst Home, Bunkerville, Nevada

Diane and John Kerst’s home is a two-story Monolithic Dome residence in Bunkerville, Nevada. In addition to their 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms they have an indoor swimming pool, a balcony across the living room, a circular conch-shell shower, custom curved stairs, an office and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

There is a swimming pool inside …
Throwback: Houston area church is a dome of many firsts

Today’s throwback story is from 1984 with a dome of firsts — the Maranatha Church — the first Monolithic Dome over 200-feet diameter, the first dome proving energy savings enough to pay for the building, and the first high capacity auditorium.

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A Dome Sanctuary

Pastor Ronnie Trice and his wife Sandy organized Maranatha Church in December 1973, initially to serve its local community of Mont Belvieu, Texas. But church membership increased rapidly, so they built a 208-foot diameter Monolithic Dome with room to seat 4,000.

The Maranatha story …
Energy savings pays back

One of the major benefits to a church, school, or any institution in a Monolithic Dome is the energy savings. Recently, we completed a study of a 34,000 square foot church located near Houston, Texas, and determined it could pay for itself in energy savings.

Read the energy study …
Building Nebraska’s first Monolithic Dome gymnasium

Central City Public Schools is constructing the first Monolithic Dome gymnasium in Nebraska. When the dome is opened in August 2020, it will seat 2,500 spectators and shelter over 3,000 people during severe weather. The facility is years in the making and it started with a simple internet search.

Amazing gym for an amazing school …
Dome Living Book

Dome Living is a comprehensive planning guide. It includes invaluable know-how for anyone planning a Monolithic Dome home—no matter what style, size, or location. Ordering your very own copy of Dome Living is easy and fast! In just minutes, you can download this practical, informative ebook to your iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone, Kindle Fire, any computer, or any device capable of displaying a PDF.

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Is there a dome in your area?

We are always looking for news about domes and curved architecture. Is there a dome in your area? Is one being built nearby? Are you building a dome and want to announce an open house, Airform inflation, or just want to brag about your building? Please, let us know. Just reply to this email and tell us all about it.

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